Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Allen's Albatross

One can only be thankful that George "Macaca" Allen's (R-VA) bigoted underbelly was exposed before he was able to get his presidential campaign calliope with dancing money cranked up.... instead, his "Macaca" monkey has morphed into his political albatross.

Allen with his phony Marlboro man facade is now likely to lose.... not only his Senate seat, but any hope to be a considered a serious GOP presidential contender in 2008.

George Will in "Allen's Fumbles, Romney's Gain," seems to think this clears the playing field for Mitt Romney (R-MA), handing him most of the conservative majority who tend to resist Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), who in Will's analysis is Romney's only real competition.

Will also thinks it's about money.... who can raise the most the soonest. " be competitive in the nomination contests that begin with the Iowa caucuses in January 2008, a candidate probably needs to have at least $60 million by December 2007." (WaPo)

The expensive, manipulative, misleading, sometimes downright obscene political spots the electorate endures every two years is the wrong way to elect the best and brightest to our highest offices.

Until this changes we risk our fortunes to the politicians with the biggest, loudest, brassiest calliopes.... inevitably making monkeys of all of us.


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