Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Administration Ally Exposes Danger

We must once again ask ourselves, is The Decider just a puppet on a string? We could say that he has spring fever, but it isn't even spring....

Going "off-message," Richard Perle.... former Bush defense policy brain-truster and puppet master extraordinaire for going to war to find Iraq's WMD.... opines, "the administration is 'dysfunctional' when it comes to stopping someone from bringing 'a nuclear weapon or even nuclear material into the United States.' "

He chastises the Bush administration for not developing a system to detect nuclear materials entering the harbors "or what have you".... (like our porous Mexican border what have you?)

But, Perle went to great pains to assure that The Decider "isn't to blame" for this alarming state of affairs. He's quite sure the president would be shocked.... shocked.... to learn that his administration hasn't done the most rudimentary things to protect the country from terrorists.

Since the GOP is hanging their November campaign on the "we'll protect you from terrorists the best" peg, it's a good thing Sen. Kerry came along with his most recent gaffe to bury Perle's comments and a real campaign issue.

For six disastrous years The Decider's has held stage center, flippantly, cluelessly and evidently mindlessly deciding our fate for generations to come.

Where's the hook?....


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