Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Virginia.... WWJD?

Are you a conservative who can't win an election the old-fashioned way, by running on your record? Then put a "red meat" issue on the ballot, like same-sex marriage, to make sure your gay-bashing base will turn out.

At least that is what Sen. George "Macaca" Allen (R-VA) must be hoping.

"A majority of Virginians support a proposed constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage and civil unions...." (WaPo) According to a new poll, "53% of Voters Say They Back VA Same-Sex Marriage Ban."

For GOP candidates, there isn't a better get-out-the-vote gimmick. Turning out the religious-right base for the close election for Allen's Senate seat may give him the win.

One supporter of the amendment says "that marriage is there to establish a legal process for the procreation of children. It's Mother Nature. Same-sex couples can't naturally reproduce, so it doesn't seem like they should be able to marry like a traditional family."

Say what?! I guess then with this view people past their child-bearing years shouldn't marry, infertile people shouldn't marry, or even those not wanting a family.

Surprisingly, a majority of blacks also support this amendment, evidently so religiously blinded they can't apply their hard learned lessons of discrimination.... and would deny gays health insurance, inheritance benefits and other legal rights of married couples.

Evidently, long gone are the days when religion was "Love they neighbor," was about the spiritual. Now the lessons taught to the flock are the politics of exclusion.... a "my way or the highway" ideology. The new ugly face of religion.

Ask yourself, if Jesus could vote on that amendment..... WWJD?

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exMI said...

Religion hasn't been about love thy neighbor since dang near forever. Oh it is in all the books and declarations but not in the deeds of almost any organized group.