Saturday, October 21, 2006

Tricky George's Campaign Rhetoric

This headline came from The Decider's weekly radio address.... "Bush: No Iraq Pull Out Until 'Mission is Complete' ".... and offered no change in the "stay the course" strategy.

In full campaign rhetoric he warned that the increased violence in Iraq is the enemy's desire to break America's resolve.... "The terrorists are trying to divide America and break our will, and we must not allow them to succeed." (WaPo)

The terrorists, tricky use of words.

The total number of foreign fighters "in Iraq is between 800 and 2,000, according to estimates by the Brookings Institute, a think tank in Washington. In contrast, the total strength of the insurgency is more than 20,000..... that means the vast majority of the fighters come from Iraq itself." (Christian Science Monitor)

In plain language, not tricky George's rhetoric, the war in Iraq is mainly between Iraqis.... a civil war. And our brave troops are caught in the cross hairs of this deadly mayhem.

To try to hide the true mess his administration has made in Iraq, Bush indulges in sloganeering, framing the Iraq war as terrorism.... a despicable campaign scare tactic.

End the Bush and GOP spooks politics of fear. November!

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