Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sound Bites Bite GOP

The Decider is annoyed.

People keep taking him at his word.

White House spinner Tony Snow is telling us that when we heard "stay the course" for the war in Iraq, we were distorting The Decider's position. "That is not a stay-the-course-policy," he declared. (WaPo)

Now, "Bush's New Tack Steers Clear of 'Stay the Course' " ... as the wizard behind the curtain starts crafting new sound bites for Bush to spin. Trying to distance himself from his own words, The Decider asserted to George Stephanopoulos of ABC News last week, "Listen, we've never been stay the course, George."

Oh really. Never? The Decider must be living in a universe apart from his rhetoric.

So does this mean The Decider sees an end in sight for our troops caught in the middle of the deadly Iraq civil war? Well....

The Decider has accused the Democrats ad nauseam of wanting to "cut and run" in Iraq.... "the party of FDR and the party of Harry Truman has become the party of cut and run."

When asked if his opponents use that phrase.... "cut and run" .... The Decider said, "Well, they may not use 'cut and run,' but they say 'date certain' as to when we get out..."

Let's see if we have the new GOP spin right..... The Decider doesn't want to declare a date certain to leave Iraq, but that's not stay the course. The Democrats want to set a date certain for the Iraq government to take over and start pulling out our troops, and that is cut and run.

Got it. Just more wizard Rove flimflam. A strategy to win votes, and retain power.

So, what will be the new GOP Iraq war sound bite?..... "bench marks." Look for it.

The Decider, his Congressional enablers and all-powerful spinners should have remembered that long-suffering voters have a proven sound bite of their own.... "Throw the bums out!"


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