Thursday, October 19, 2006

Nine Find Their Courage in Kansas

The "You're not in Kansas anymore," lesson for Toto takes on a new twist for conservative far-right Republicans as their power-grip on that most conservative state is being challenged.

While some national GOP candidates for the November elections are just distancing themselves from the Bush White House and the GOP-led flatulent Congress, "Moderates in Kansas Decide They're Not in GOP Anymore."

Yep, that's right Dorothy!

In this Republican stronghold.... the GOP controls three-quarters of the state Senate and two-thirds of the House and has not elected a Democratic U.S. senator since the 1930s.... nine former Kansas Republicans have switched to the Democratic party for the November elections.

One former Republican, Paul Morrison, is running for attorney general of Kansas on the Democratic ticket against an abortion clinic-stalking anti-Darwinian Republican, and Morrison is raising money faster than a heel-click with ruby shoes.

The former chairman of the Kansas Republican Party, Mark Parkinson, is running for lieutenant governor as a Democrat because.... "I'd reached the breaking point, I want to work on relevant issues and not on a lot of things that don't matter." (WaPo)

A Kansas conservative calls these developments a "temporary setback" for the Kansas GOP, .... "they have lost before, and they just keep coming back."

You mean like Freddie Krueger's Halloween reincarnations, and just as creepy.

But Parkinson has the courage of his beliefs... favoring fiscal responsibility, embryonic stem cell research, a woman's right to choose and the teaching of evolution as settled scientific theory. He and the other eight former GOPers have found the courage to take on the fanatical Kansas Republican Freddies.

As Auntie Em would say.... "Just because you own half the town doesn't mean that you have the power to run the rest of us...."

Kansas, it's not a GOP-monopoly land anymore.... November.

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