Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Hunt Is On

The hunt for votes is far from over, "As Elections Near, Dueling With Dollars.... Party Operatives Try To Influence Races."

Campaign strategists with tens of millions to spend, "will decide the final images that many voters see in this campaign." (WaPo) And, most of these ads will be worse than negative.... it'll be a jungle out there.

Have the electorate been hibernating the last few years? The GOP operatives are counting on it.

Counting they won't remember that their sons and daughters are being maimed and dying for a lied-into war of choice, while their obdurate Commander in Cheat tries out new Iraq slogans on the campaign trail.... while Osama bin Laden remains at large.... while the war breeds more terrorists .... while Halliburton profiteers with no-bid contracts, and taxpayers spend hundreds of billions on this worst foreign policy blunder ever.

Counting they won't remember the unimaginable debt The Decider and his Congressional enablers are piling on our children.... the waste and corruption in the halls of Congress ....the middle-class disappearing and companies leaving the U.S. while illegal aliens by the millions cross our border with Mexico to demand their "rights."

Party operatives are on the prowl and distracted voters are their prey.... hoping the electorate won't trust their instincts.... won't fight for their survival, their right to be represented and heard.

It's time to strike out, to escape the savage GOP grip on power.


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