Monday, October 16, 2006

Bush.... Remember Us?

"Bush Reassures al-Maliki on Iraq Timetable." Yes, Bush reassures the prime minister of the violence-saturated Iraq that he gives him his full support.... and our money.... with no deadlines. That there is no foreseeable limit to our sacrifices for Iraq.

Bush told Maliki we have "no timetable on support for his government..." (WaPo)

Since we all know that Bush can't hold two thoughts at once, where does this fixation on Iraq leave the abandoned U.S. electorate.


I don't know about anyone else, but I'm heartily sick of hearing about Iraq's problems, sending our precious young men and women to lay down their lives for Iraq, spending ourselves into debt oblivion for Iraq.... Bush's lied-into war of choice is a festering swamp sucking us under.

The governing crumbs we're left with are the moral decay of our do-nothing Congress pandering with predestined-to-fail constitutional amendments to a baying religious right, and a Rove-inspired power-hungry White House.

Since Bush is so preoccupied with messages of reassurance to Maliki, we need to send The Decider and the GOP-led Congress a message of our own....


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