Saturday, September 23, 2006

Take Back the Train

The Bush administration and GOP-controlled legislature have used the horrific 9/11 attack as justification for their arrogant agenda. Took the nation from a haven of world sympathy and support to an object of resentment and ridicule.

The Democrats unable, or unwilling, to influence these events, opposed..... basically everything Republican, except the White House push to give amnesty to millions of lawbreaking illegal aliens and thus millions of potential voters.

In "The War of the Hacks," Colbert I. King sums it up so well ".... the struggle on Capitol Hill is not about terrorism. It's about gaining and holding power in the fall election. And it is a disgusting sight to behold." (WaPo)

Being a citizen of the United States today feels like being on a runaway train. There is a GOP engineer, throttle wide open, bent on the destination, ignoring the dangers. There is a Democratic brakeman who wants to be engineer but fears using the brakes and derailing.

Then there are the luckless passengers, holding on for dear life and screaming as loud as they can to slow down, ease up on the throttle, use the brakes.... work together to bring the train safely to the station.

"Listen closely to the huffing and puffing on Capitol Hill.... They work themselves into a lather arguing about which party can best represent Americans in the hallowed halls of Washington."

In November, end the huffing and puffing. Throw the reckless engineers and brakemen from the train!

I know we can, I know we can.....


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