Friday, September 15, 2006

Please Fence Them Out!

If ever there was a case for a border fence, this is it.

WaPo describes today in "As Border Crackdown Intensifies, A Tribe Is Caught in the Crossfire," one of the casualties of the illegal alien and drug trafficker invasion of our border with Mexico.

Around 1500 illegals are crossing their reservation, depositing an average of six tons of trash.... a day!

These lawbreakers are being pursued by Border Patrol agents and the resulting chaos keeps the Tohono O'odham Nation, who live on a 2.8 million-acre reservation in Arizona on the Mexico border, in a state of fear.

The sovereign Nation's tribal council is working with the Border Agents because "..we are in dire straits here."

The Tohono O'odham Nation laments losing their peaceful way of life. They are just another of the many victims of the Bush administration's lack of resolve to stem the flood of gate crashers and criminals.

The GOP-controlled government has ignored, even fostered, the illegal alien devastation of our country, overriding the will of U. S. Citizens. Citizens who vote. November.


Anonymous said...

Too late!
It's the european invaders who should've been fenced out when they arrived to exterminate the native residents of this land.

Anonymous said...

dogman: If the proud mexican is so proud of their beatutiful country why do they come here proud and hungry.he he