Saturday, September 02, 2006

Fox is Muzzled

Lopez Obrador, Mexico's populist presidential candidate, is protesting his narrow July 2 election loss and demanding a total recount. But the powerful Catholic church has publicly joined forces with Felipe Calderon, the anointed candidate of President Fox's party. And, Mexico's special election court is expected to certify Calderon's victory within days.

So there's nothing to be done, right? Another regime-rigged election, like the U.S. elections of 2000 and 2004, will be allowed to stand.

Not so fast.

Mexican opposition lawmakers "seized control of Mexico's congressional chamber Friday and blocked President Vicente Fox from delivering his final State of the Nation address." They chanted "vote by vote, polling place by place," while some waved signs that said "Fox is a traitor," and others lofted Mexican flags. (Washington Post)

Finally, brave legislators willing to stand up for their people. Demanding that Fox, the Mexican Decider, bring the votes from behind the curtain. A full recount.

Much depends on the outcome of this election, for Mexico and the U.S. Obrador wants to revitalize Mexico and create an economy where it isn't necessary for the poor to storm the U.S. border in order to find a decent job.

He wants to end Fox and President Bush's "engineered export" of Mexicans which suited Fox because he rid himself of the poor and uneducated, and suited Bush and his corporate buddies who are looking for cheap "manageable" labor.

From Fox and Bush's corrupt point of view, a win-win. Except Mexico's poor don't want to have to "leave to live." And U.S. citizens are reeling from the glut of illegal aliens who are lowering wages, draining social services and changing the culture.


"Only the unjust resort to violence," is what Obrador told a crowd of supporters, purposely gathered away from the legislative building to avoid sparking such violence, while their representatives blocked Fox's address and delivered their own message.

We say to our U.S. lawmakers who have not risen up to protest the shady elections jammed down our throats by the Bush regime.... "only the corrupt will remain silent" if the November election results once again wildly contradict the polls.


Jose Hernandez-Lagunes said...

Ma'am, please stay away from from this topic. You showed an utter lack of knowledge of Mexican politics, as well as a slanted view on both candidates. Write about things you know, such as corn fields, Hawkeye football, meth labs and oter Iowa nicities.

Truth Hunter said...

What I know is that a country on our border has been unable to give their people even the most meager of opportunities to earn a living, forcing them to find employment outside of their country, in our country. Which suits our corporate-loving Bush administration just fine. And Fox and his party like it that way too. Keeps the monied classes happy.

A war was successfully fought in Mexico to guarantee the separation of church and state and start the process toward transparancy in government. Fox has set up a dictatorship that is reversing those hard-won gains regardless of his PR spin to the contrary.

If the election results are honest, why not a full recount?

That's what I know about Mexico's politics.

BTW, Iowa has been successful in shutting down most meth lab operations but the resulting flood of meth from Mexico to replace the lost local supply is swamping our efforts.

Please keep your meth and other "nicities" in Mexico.

Manoloweb said...

Well... then you know nothing about Mexico.

I believe that there's some frustration in your words. If YOU don't want Bush running your country, then YOU do something about it. But stay away from Mexico's political issues.

Lopez Obrador is a selfish frustrated dictator, and those of us who value our freedom, and agree with Fox about the way Mexico should recover from 70 years of oppression will stand up for the legitimacy of our electoral system.

WE counted the votes one by one, people from our own neighborhoods counted the votes one by one to the eyes of every party's representatives (who signed agree, by the way). So, NO, there's no need to make any recount on that.

You don't know that Mr. Obrador has used the same strategy once in his born state of Tabasco, and after everyone accepted the recount... he asked for a election annulment, which procceeded because he founded his claim on "All electoral packs were oppened against the law"... which was actually asked by him and his supporters.

We will not let that happen again.

Again... If you want Bush out of your government... do something about it yourself, and stop looking into other countries for answers to your own local questions.

Sorry about my english, I hope my point was clear enough.

Have a nice life.

Manoloweb said...

And about our "nicities"... Teach, educate and give family values to your kids... so they stop consuming nicities.

That's the only way to stop a supply chain... Because no matter what country's nicities-manufacturers are, they will find a way to reach your local consumers.

Truth Hunter said...

We would love nothing better than to stay out of Mexico's politics, but since 10 to 15 percent of your countrymen have already "migrated" to the U.S., milllions illegally, your politics impact on us.... and these millions are trying to influence OUR politics.

Our prisons are teeming with your "family values" citizens. We would love to have you take them back to your country where they can enjoy your superior standard of living.

I'll make you a deal.... we'll stay out of your politics if your citizens will stop their illegal invasion of our country.

Truth Hunter said...

"Anything They Say: Mexicohio" says it so well. "...the number of polling station problems was immense; in Obrador country, scrubbed voter rolls courtesy of ChoicePoint, ballots found in dumpsters, exit poll mismatch with the vote count, long lines in precincts strongly supportive of the populist who promised, among other things, to renegotiate NAFTA..."

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