Saturday, August 12, 2006

What is Bush Hiding?

The never transparent Bush White House, is becoming increasingly secretive.

"On one of the scariest days yet in the five-year battle with terrorists," this week, a remote President Bush made a speech to the American people and the White House press corps was 1,000 miles away in Texas. (Washington Post)

The President is now traveling without being accompanied by a full contingent of reporters. Just a hand-picked few on Air Force One.... wire services, TV cameras and "a single newspaper reporter who files a report" to the reporters left behind.

Previously unheard of, especially in a time of war. "Increasingly, Bush Escapes the Media Pack," chronicles the narrowing view given reporters of the president's activities, especially at fund-raisers. This reverses the "open door" policy for reporters adopted by the Clinton administration to counter donor-favors scandals.

Wouldn't you think the scandal-ridden GOP, a la Jack Abramoff, might think it prudent to continue this policy? Not on Bush's watch. And he has a good teacher, Dick Cheney, the stealth Vice President.

Don't forget.... the White House press corps is out-of-touch in DC too. They are currently lodged across from the White House in the New Executive Office Building during a renovation of the press room. The first time ever the press is not housed in the White House complex. Press Secretary Tony Snow is vague about how long the renovation will take, estimating 7 to 9 months. Well after the November elections.

Increasingly the Bush administration is limiting and controlling our access to news and their operations. "The Decider" will determine our fate behind closed doors.

If they are to remain credible, the media needs to raise a storm of protest.... now!


Awakening said...

This self indulgent administration has quite a talent for marketing a disturbing range of sound bytes and photo ops, that never seem to turn out sensibly or truthfully. I like your candor and wit. Thank you for your story and I really like your blog.

Awakening said...

Thank you for your comment. I have added your blog to mine. Your opinion is important to me and I want to share your perspective when others drop by my blog. Your right, the GOP grip has got to be broken, starting this year. Thanks much and I look forward to reading more of your opinions. You're a lefty too! That is so great!!!