Monday, August 21, 2006

Reid Shouldn't Lead

The GOP has found its issue for November. The winning rallying cry for Republican candidates.... a hard line on immigration and the porous border with Mexico. (Washington Post)

This is a serious Red Alert for Democrats. The GOP could steal November with this issue.

It's not just the Republican base who are fed up with pandering to Hispanic lawbreakers who are draining our resources and undermining our wage base and economy.... many, if not most, Democrats are equally outraged.

Yet the Democratic leaders, blinders securely in place, are herding the party down the amnesty path.... even changing the presidential primary calendar to squeeze in an early Nevada caucus date for the 2008 elections.

Thus Nevada's large Hispanic and illegal alien population can wield undue influence early in the process. It's no accident that the Democratic Senate Minority Leader, Harry "Tin Ear" Reid, is from Nevada.

The GOP can't believe their luck. They are poised to rustle what should have been Democratic shoo-in races this November, and continue their drive into 2008 as the Reid-misled Democrats hurl themselves like lemmings over the amnesty cliff.

Our future course in Iraq is a driving issue... but on the home front , nothing tops the border and illegal alien amnesty issue. GOP candidates get it, they are distancing themselves from Bush and his misbegotten follies.

Will Democratic candidates also heed the mood and will of the electorate and balk at their leadership's rush down the amnesty chute.... or meekly follow their party whips to the political slaughterhouse.


Blue State Warrior said...

Excellent post, I had similar feelings when I read that article in the WaPo as well. I'm glad to see I'm not the only progressive in America who thinks the Democrats are on the wrong side of this issue.

Anonymous said...

Illegal aliens will continue their march to the U.S. until there are no jobs for them. Will the current administration alienate their business base...I think not! jt