Thursday, August 31, 2006

Nevada Crowds In

While I agree with the thrust of David Broder's op-ed piece in the Washington Post, the Democrats have "muddled the calendar of events for choosing the 2008 presidential nominee," I don't agree with his reasons.

He asserts that New Hampshire voters "take their role seriously. They turn up at town meetings and they ask probing questions..... New Hampshire voters don't need-- or particularly want -- guidance from Iowa..."

Now if there is anything this Iowan knows, it's that Iowa's political process, and the ability of Iowa voters to meet and judge the candidates.... ask probing questions.... is just as viable as the New Hampshire process. Maybe more so.

Broder, who was born in the Midwest, has been around D.C. too long. He has fallen into the elitist attitude that Easterners are better educated, more astute. He only mentions in passing the real underlying reason for the change in the calendar.

It isn't to "dumb down" the process, or put New Hampshire out to pasture. It is to insert the Hispanic vote and Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) into the process.

Pandering, power grabbing.... those are the reasons.

Broder worries that "the country will be forced to witness a huge field of candidates flashing by in perpetual motion during the December holidays and the frantic first weeks of January, not standing still anywhere long enough to be measured for the job they are trying to win."

This statement proves my point.... Broder thinks the campaigning starts the December before the nominating season in 2008. In Iowa the presidential wanna-bes are in full throttle now.

More potential presidential candidates showed up at the Iowa State Fair in August than super-size boars vying for top-wallow honors. And, most have already started their "talking" tours around the state. Take a peek out of your ivory tower, Broder, the race is on.

Democrats. You shouldn't have caved in to Reids demands. His disproportionately-populated Hispanic state only exemplifies what U.S. citizens are burned up about, the invasion of mainly Hispanic illegal aliens across our southern border. This is going to be a real hot button issue. It could be a deciding issue.

Jamming Nevada into the nomination process in 2008 isn't a winning maneuver. On this Broder and I agree.

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