Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lieberman's Conversion

Today we'll find out if Senator Joe Lieberman's death-bed conversion will save his place on the Democrat ticket. E. J. Dionne, Jr. of the Washington Post makes the case that Lieberman's last minute embracing of the anti-Bush camp may do just that.

I'm not convinced that this 11th hour soul-cleansing will be enough for the savvy voters in Connecticut who know Lieberman's record. They may well see it as the last desperate act it is.

Note to all of the talk-show conservatives shilling for Lieberman's victory.... whatever happened to the "term limits" legislation the GOP pushed for when they were the minority?

David Broder may have found the true pulse of the country this election cycle.... "Contempt for Congress."

In the weekend meeting of governors of both parties at their annual summer conference, "the common theme in interviews and informal comments was one of utter disdain for Congress." As Gov. Bill Richardson (D-NM) put it, "Congress has gone from unresponsive to hopeless. On everything from the minimum wage to immigration to energy, they've just given up. No one expects anything from them."

That's why incumbents are in trouble. Bush and Congress are fiddling in the Middle East while we burn at home. November.


Jorge Gajardo Rojas said...

I dont understand so much your idiom,but agree with you en the words of your blog about the past of USA foreign politic.
I also are worried about the future of my grandson

Truth Hunter said...

Jorge, It is our children and grandchildren who will pay for our goverments political mistakes and misadventures.

In a Democracy, the people must remain vigilent to assure their rights and freedoms are safeguarded, that the policies of the government are just, and that the laws are upheld.

The current Bush administration falls short in all these areas. The November elections give the people the chance to make the government accountable, and to change those policies.

Thanks for contributing.