Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Kansas Evolving, Lieberman Devolving

Thanks to votes supporting Darwin, Kansas now has a chance to evolve into a respected member of the scientific world.

In its primary yesterday, Kansas voters gave pro-evolution candidates for the State Board of Education a fighting chance to regain control. The Washington Post summed up the outcome... "conservatives would at best have five of 10 seats on the board." And the election in November could trim that margin in favor of science.

Now the intelligent design conservatives lament.... "We're not from Kansas anymore."

In Connecticut, Sen. Joe Lieberman's (D) primary test is fast approaching, and it appears that he's up against a wave of support for his opponent, Ned Lamont, and an undertow of strong disapproval for his Bush-accommodating antics.

Lieberman's politicos are in full spin, trying to convince their disenchanted base that if Lieberman loses the Democrat primary, he will run as an Independent and.... here the spin becomes a tornado.... easily win.

This threat from the three-term senator and former vice president candidate should tell Democrat voters all they need to know. He has shown his colors and they are, if not red, at least bright pink. Lieberman is using terrorist tactics on the Democrat voters of Connecticut.... vote for me or else .

Hopefully the Democrat voters of Conneticut will tell Lieberman, if you're not with us, you're against us. We don't negotiate our vote.... you're out.

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