Monday, August 07, 2006

Joe's Nose Grows

Senator Joe "Pinocchio" Lieberman's nose is growing.... he is trying to convince the Democrat voters of Connecticut that his coziness with Bush didn't really happen.... trying to convince them he is "a proud and loyal Democrat who not only had opposed nearly all of Bush's domestic agenda but also had repeatedly criticized the administration's handling of the Iraq conflict." (Washington Post)

Gee, that's funny. I distinctly remember Lieberman chastising us in a speech for doing just that, criticizing Bush's conduct of the war. Something like "you shouldn't criticize a president during a time of war." Maybe Joe wants the subjects of Bush, the Imperial Decider, to just bow.

Lieberman's campaign against his opponent, Ted Lamont, boils down to going after him for his recent membership in a country club that "ads say is not known for its diversity." Playing the race card? Is that all the better this three-term senator can do for a campaign?

Tuesday's results will tell the tale!

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