Saturday, August 05, 2006

It's the Imperial Presidency, Stupid!

After reading the article in the Washington Post, "RNC Chief Faults Democratic Leaders on Terrorism," the thought that hit me was "some nerve."

It takes some nerve to point the finger of blame at the Democrat party, as Ken Mehlman, chairman of the Republican National Party, did on Friday. He warned that if the Democrats gained control of Congress in November, it would surrender important tools in the fight against terrorism. He means that the Democrat party would curb the dictatorial conduct of the current Imperial Presidency. A result the White House wants to avoid at all costs.

This is just the latest spouting of the November election tactic that Bush administration adviser Karl Rove articulated last January, "the Republicans should make terrorism the central campaign issue in the fall campaigns and argue that Democrats hold a pre-September 11 view of the world."

But let's face it, we are where we are because this is where the Bush administration has taken us. Into a war of choice in Iraq that is, thanks to Rumsfeldian ineptness, turning it into an unwinnable Civil War, empowering Iran and fueling a Middle East crisis that could well lead us into WW III, or worse. In WWs I & II we had allies. With his ham-fisted foreign adventures, Bush has managed to turn most of the world, including our previous partners, against us.

So this joke of a governing body, the Bush administration, through their master manipulator Rove, is spinning that if the Democrats win control of Congress in November, "party leaders will stop the National Security Agency from eavesdroppiong on foreign terrorists (ridiculous) and will pursue impeachment of the president." Hmmmm.

If ever a president deserved impeaching, Bush is it. But should a newly minted Democrat Congress waste time and effort on impeachment, as tempting as it would be? There are many pressing, and deadly, issues to address. But, having grabbed fistfuls of power, such as "Signing Statements," Bush may block Congressional efforts. Impeachment may be the only lever left to rein in the Imperial Decider.

The Rove November election strategy isn't really about NSA, you or the state of our crumbling nation, it's about saving the Bush presidency. And they can only do that by keeping control of Congress with the GOP. We can't let that happen.

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Anonymous said...

Right on - The truth shall set us free, if we get out and vote. great answer to the Bush Crime family and their minions.