Thursday, August 10, 2006

Dems Unite Behind Lamont

I swore to myself that I wouldn't write about Scary Joe Lieberman and his tantrums again, but here I am, writing about Scary Joe again. Who absented himself from the Democratic leadership welcome given Connecticut Democrat senate candidate Ned Lamont on Wednesday.

But then, by his own choice, pro-war, Bush-loving-Lieberman has petulantly relinquished his Democrat mantle (something the voters noticed some time ago) to run as an Independent.... and is certainly no longer a leader. Just a poor loser as he vows "to wage an independent crusade to save his seat and prevent the party from being captured by forces he said are out of the political mainstream" (Washington Post).... Karl Rove-speak for the Dems are anti-war and weak on terrorism.

It will be interesting to see how, and from whom, pouty Lieberman will receive campaign funding. From the GOP? Lieberman's campaign confirmed that White House political-guru Rove called Lieberman Tuesday night. With regrets we're sure. They're sorry to lose the their "Democrats for the Iraq War" poster-boy.

Not losing a minute... "Sure Shot" Dick Cheney rushed to charge that Lieberman's defeat signaled the Democrats are ready to "retreat behind our oceans." There's that word again.... retreat, undoubtedly a Rove talking point.

And this is why the Lieberman story is still so important. The GOP are going to use his loss to beat the drum for their fall campaign strategy.... Democrats are weak on terrorism. Expect lots of "Red Alerts" between now and November.

Connecticut's elder statesman, former GOP Senator and Independent Governor Lowell Weicker, spoke dismissively of Lieberman's run as an Independent...."He wants a job." Weicker's former chief of staff, Thomas D'Amore, Jr. summed it up, "It's all about Joe Lieberman."

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