Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Cycling Toward Armageddon

President Bush was queried Monday on whether "the failure of the U. S.-backed 'unity' government to stem the orgy of sectarian carnage disappoints him....he said that no, it didn't."

A flabbergasted Eugene Robinson in "President on Another Planet" (Washington Post) asks how is it possible that Bush isn't "disappointed" that 3,438 Iraqi civilians died in July, the bloodiest toll since Bush unleashed his Dogs of War on Iraq, " ...do 3,438 deaths really just roll off his back after he's had his workout and a nice bike ride?"

Bush lives in a world of great disconnect.... disconnect between his Decided myopic evangelical march toward his fantasy world, and the real world consequence of his crusade. The Dogs of War devour as The Decider relentlessly peddles toward Armageddon.

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