Monday, August 28, 2006

Church Tramples Wall

The Catholic Church, especially Cardinal Roger Mahoney the Archbishop of Los Angeles, has been championing the cause of amnesty for the millions of illegal aliens in the U.S., encouraging and supporting their marches and demands for "rights."

Now the church is flexing their political muscle in Mexico too by taking sides in the controversy over the recent contested presidential elections.

Norberto Rivera, the Catholic Cardinal of the world's largest archdiocese in Mexico City where 9 of 10 people are Catholic, has sided with President Vicente Fox's anointed candidate, Felipe Calderon, against populist challenger Lopez Obrador who is contesting the results of the July 2 election.

Rivera labeled the protestors "Crazies" and "called on Mexican Catholics to respect a decision by a special elections court rejecting Lopez Obrador's request for a full recount and ordering a recount of only 9 percent of polling places." (Washington Post)

This whole episode feels like reruns of our elections past, and visions of our elections future. Recounts are stifled and the tax-exempt church gives its blessing.

On the course set by the Bush administration, our protective wall of separation between church and state is disappearing along with the still-born idea of a border "wall" with Mexico to preserve and protect our national sovereignty.

This November, if you want the U.S. to remain a nation of laws, not religious precepts, reject the Bush administration Congressional enablers. Our Founding Fathers would expect no less.

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