Sunday, August 13, 2006

Biting the Extended Hand

There's rage in Britain.

By the Brits under attack yet again from their Muslim community?

No, the rage is from the Muslim community!

"Britain has become an incubator for violent Islamic extremism, fueled by disenchantment at home and growing rage about events abroad, including the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan." (Washington Post)

To sum it up, because of Britain's open-door policy for immigrants from around the world that attracted a large population of Pakistanis and other Muslims, especially to London, the Brits are now the focus of the rage of these very people.

As they say, no good deed goes unpunished.

Forgetting that they escaped to Britain because of political unrest and a lack of jobs in their native countries, they are in a rage because of a lack of jobs, poor educational achievement, and are at odds with Prime Minister Blair's foreign policy.

In London, large contingents of Muslims prefer to live "in neighborhoods where they rarely mix with others." Muslims in the U.K. are Muslim first and foremost, and British second. A recent survey showed that 81 percent of British Muslims expressed this sentiment.

This, my fellow countrymen, is a preview of what lies ahead for our country.

Having allowed illegal Latino aliens to flood our country in the tens of millions, these very people are now organizing, marching.... demanding their "rights," the vote and the full benefits of our society.... all the while insisting they are still citizens of their native countries, and sending billions of dollars in earnings back to the native lands while evading U.S. taxes.

Our country still welcomes legal immigrants who historically have wanted citizenship and assimilated into the country and culture.

Will the Bush administration, and the GOP Congress with their enabling Democratic colleagues, see Britain as a cautionary tale and move to stem the tide of illegal immigration? Or will they keep hurling the country down the path of globalist, "bottom-line" chaos?


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