Thursday, August 24, 2006

Allen's "Cookie Jar" Apology

Senator George Allen (R-VA) who is up for reelection this November, "Apologizes for Remark" he made to S. R. Sidarth.... the now infamous "Macaca" pointed-finger remark. (Washington Post)

So..... would this apology have been forthcoming if the video camera wasn't capturing Allen's remarks, or there wasn't a national outcry, or he wasn't up for reelection. After all, the remark was made many, many days ago.... what took him so long?

I would call this a "hand in the cookie jar" apology. He got caught.

The Republican party long ago fenced off for themselves the "values" and "character" domain. Are they, and Allen, now trying to tell us that a U.S. senator's character isn't fully formed? That he didn't know what he was saying, that he wasn't playing to what saw as a receptive audience?

Allen's campaign manager continued to blame Allen's opponent,saying the media and the senator's "leftist" foes were responsible for the controversy. Doesn't that tell us loud and clear then, that without the spotlight on his despicable behavior, the publicity, there would have been no apology.

Virginia..... you can do better.

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