Friday, August 25, 2006

Allen Runs

Senator George "Macaca" Allen (R-VA) spoke to the Harrisonburg, VA area chamber of commerce Thursday. Media credentials were closely checked and the target of his bigoted remarks two weeks ago, S. R. "Video Man" Sidarth, was barred from the event. (Washington Post)

The chamber president stifled unwanted "Macaca apology" questions on what Allen is calling his reelection campaign "Listening Tour," by announcing that they were "not taking questions from the media." An awkward silence followed this pronouncement.

Minutes later a questioner said he was from WVPT, and Allen, fearing the dreaded "Macaca" thrust he thought was coming said.... "No, no." The man assured him he was a chamber member and asked a non-Macaca question.

"Trailed by reporters at the event's end, Allen practically dashed from the room and aboard his idling campaign bus."

Sidarth.... a straight-A student, tournament chess player, quiz team captain, college newspaper sportswriter, football player, Capitol Hill intern.... had this to say about Allen's sarcastic Macaca and "Welcome to America, and the real world of Virginia" remarks to him.... "I was born and raised in Fairfax County [VA], and he's from California."

Yes, Allen was born in California, but Virginia is where he is witnessing the demise of his political career and his aspirations to become the next Decider.

He can run from Macaca, but he can't hide.

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