Saturday, August 19, 2006

Allen in Deep Ca-Ca

While many supporting Sen. George Allen (R-VA) in his campaign for reelection won't be deterred by his "Macaca" campaign slur (video) at Indian S. R. Sidarth.... his audience clapped and laughed at his remark.... it does reenergize supporters for his opponent, James Webb. And, it opens the eyes of many moderate and Independent voters

Allen and Webb, a former Marine and Secretary of the Navy, are now in a horse race. But the GOP assert they are confident Allen is untouchable. As of July, Allen "had 10 times as much to spend on his reelection bid" as Webb. "Republicans say [Webb] can't win, regardless of Allen's recent remarks." (Washington Post)

The GOP will count on Allen's bloated campaign chest to overcome the latest proof of his life-long racism.... their cocksureness amounts to "whistling past the graveyard" of Allen's reelection prospects.

Whether Republicans like it or not, the remark hangs out there.... Allen's smelly underbelly. Repugnant and impossible to ignore in November.

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