Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Missing Ashcroft

It would have seemed impossible a few short years ago, but I must agree with Ruth Marcus. I also look back on the tenure of attorney general John Ashcroft with nostalgia.

Many of Ashcroft's principles weren't mine, but at least he had some.

What we now have with Alberto Gonzales as attorney general is worse than a Bush lackey, he's an enabler. He's enabling "The Decider" to dismantle our country, blunt our freedoms, and muddy our national moral compass.

Gonzales authored the infamous torture-legalizing memo. When he was White House Counsel, he was turned away by Ashcroft "when Gonzales came to his hospital room asking that he sign papers" extending the warrantless surveillance program.

It seems Ashcroft had some idea he was the attorney general of the United States. Gonzales still views the job as the bulldozing counsel for the Bush White House. It is the law, the country itself, that he is helping to level and reshape into Bush's vision of a globalist, North American Union future, with an all-powerful "President as Decider."

In November we must remove the legislative Bush-enablers. It may be our last chance to save our country as we know it.

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