Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Lieberman and Bush

Harold Meyerson points out in WaPo that support of the Iraq war and "trade, Social Security and other key issues" are why Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-CT) is in the race for his political life against primary challenger Ned Lamont... and agree as far as he goes.

But it is much more than that, something deeply visceral.

The disastrous direction President Bush has taken the country is not just opposed by many Democrats, and Republicans, it makes them heartsick. Those heartsick people see Lieberman beaming at Bush during signing ceremonies, embracing (kissing?) him at State of the Union speeches.... the proud father look at Bush on public occasions. That's also the problem.

While some describe Lieberman as a "kind-hearted and well-intentioned" man, many others see this as a highly polished veneer, beneath which beats the heart of a hard-bitten, calculating politician. With his own agenda.

It's not just the Iraq war, Lieberman is also in trouble because this will be the year of "gut" votes. And the voters' gut tells them Lieberman is too cozy with Bush and his wrecking ball.

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