Thursday, July 20, 2006

King George Brags

It's strange the things President Bush brags about. Like the deficit. The childhood riddle goes...."What is bigger than a breadbox but smaller than a house?"..... answer, not the U.S. deficit. The riddle for the deficit would be.... "What is bigger than a battle ship but smaller than the midnight sky."

Funny, huh. Well, Bush would laugh. After all, he is proud that the projected deficit for fiscal 2007 will be an estimated $339 BILLION! Good job, Bush and Congress.

As Robert Samuelson points out in "No Shame, No Sense and a $296 Billion Bill," the Bush and GOP "orgy of self-approval amounts to a campaign of public disinformation." And it's even more deadly than that.

Breaking the U.S. bank is one way for the Republicans to get rid of their long-despised federal Social Security and Medicare-Medicaid programs. While literally throwing billions of dollars away through graft and corruption on pork barrel spending, and the war in Iraq, to name just a couple of the costly hog-wallows, Washington continues a handwringing lament about the coming "baby boomer " disaster.

The GOP agenda seems obvious.... spend until you bankrupt the system and then remake it into the longed for feudal kingdom. Then King George would really brag.

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