Sunday, July 02, 2006

Hillary Hope or Hype?

Along with "toe sucking" Dick Morris and White House political guru Karl Rove, there probably are no better political strategists around than James Carville and Mark Penn who are making the case, " We don't know whether Hillary will run. But we do know that if she runs, she can win" the presidency in 2008.

Maybe. With the presidential election of 2008, it will be over 15 years since the masterful 1992 "It's the economy stupid" Carville campaign for Bill Clinton. But the country has changed..... "Big time!"

People are less invested in party, in fact parties are getting harder and harder to define.

Which party would you say is for less government, a balanced budget, no nation building, upholding the law and U.S. first. Ahhh, yes. That used to be the Republican party, now thanks to "hidden-agenda" Bush, it's the Republican party in name only.

And, which party is going after the religious vote, is blurring the solid line between church and state, supports the Iraq war, and turns a blind eye to the assault on the middle class by the corporate-favoring and wage-suppressing illegal alien invasion. Sadly, both parties although the Democrats by doing so are abandoning much of their base in the pursuit of "values" and Hispanic voters.

It is getting increasingly harder for voters to identify with a party.... and all things being basically equal, they will support the 2008 presidential candidate they perceive is genuine. Whether or not they are genuine is beside the point, it is how they are perceived that counts...and the aura of "it" that is so hard to define. Bill had "it." George has (had?) "it." Carville and Penn think Hillary has "it."

In today's editorial in the Washington Post, they say of a possible Hillary run for president in 2008, "with the pathbreaking possibility of this country's first female president, we could see an explosion of women voting -- and voting Democratic."

Certainly many, if not most, women won't vote for Hillary just because she is a woman. Anymore than men will vote only for a man. There are vote-driving issues like.....

The Iraq war, most women and Dems don't want it, Hillary supports it.... Immigration, perhaps the real king-maker issue. The majority of the U.S. electorate don't want a flood of illegal aliens crowding into the citizenship line and changing the face of the nation, Hillary supports amnesty.... And, it's also still "the economy stupid." With a sea of deficits and unvetoed out-of-control Congressional spending, this is a major GOP Achilles heel.

Back to "it".... Hillary, you need a voice coach. Get rid of the shrill. Stop the obvious "Jesus" pandering. Show you aren't a socialist lefty by voting for closing our southern border, stopping wage-lowering illegal alien hiring, and nix paying Social Security on illegally-earned wages.

And, if you run, make "Ragin' Cajun" Carville your campaign manager. You can't buy that kind of loyalty.

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