Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The GOP Bridge to November

The GOP wants to make nice on immigration legislation. Two Republicans, Sen. Kay Bailey (TX) and Rep. Mike Pence (IN) will try to bridge the GOP divide on immigration reform by unveiling "a plan today that would allow most of the 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States a chance to work here legally, but only after the government certifies that U.S. borders have been sufficiently secured."

Just what does "the government certifies" mean? According to the report in the Washington Post, the "president certifies that the borders are secure."

Excuse me while I guffaw!

Oh well, then every thing will be fine.... the same president who can't find 6,000 unarmed National Guard to shore up border operations, or follow through on promises to border state governors, and year after year underfunds border security efforts.

Recently Bush whined, "We can't kick people out who have been here for awhile."

Despite Bush's "bleeding heart" approach to illegal alien lawbreakers, we're getting rid of a few of the criminals "who have been here awhile." As N.C. Aizenman, reports in "A Long Flight of No Return," illegal alien convicted criminals are being deported to their native countries, even if they have lived in the U.S. a long time.

Of course, all illegal aliens are lawbreakers.... besides illegally entering the country, most use forged documents to break numerous other U.S. laws. The illegal alien-enabling Bush administration doesn't enforce those laws, however, even though U.S. citizens couldn't get away with such flagrant violations.

The Republicans are trying to build a bridge between the Senate and House on immigration legislation.... the voters are looking for the bridge between their concerns over border security and their government's actions. Certification from Bush isn't that bridge.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you are a lovely woman but you make me want to vomit

The US essentially stems from immigrants from all over the world (apart from native Americans, and we all saw know they were treated).

Carla R. Jenkins said...

Dear Truth Hunter:
I agree! As a black woman I have a big problem with people attempting to mask illegal immigration as modern-day slavery and Jim Crowism when both were legal (just read the Constitution!). All illegal immigrants are law breakers and if American can create a maching to replace a $25 an hour job at GM, then it can create a machine to eradicate a $3 an hour job.

Truth Hunter said...

Anon, The U.S. welcomed and still welcomes all legal immigrants from all over the world.

One of our great strengths is that we are a nation of laws. Those laws, like the laws of all other countries, include immigration.

In a world where terrorists fly planes full of people into skyscrapers full of people it is no longer a question of should we enforce our immigration laws, it is imperative to the security of the country that we do so.

I'm sorry that you can't understand this difference and are made ill by it.

Anonymous said...

I recognize that this country is a nation of immigrants, some came forced as slaves and others as conquerers or as they should be fairly characterized, "invaders and murderers." But, aside from the brutality brought to this free country by the English, the indigenous people that inhabitated these lands leaved in peace. My point is, neither the white man nor the black slave, nor the spaniards, have a rightful claim to call this land, their true land, because history, even though forcefully and brutally changed, undeniably belongs to the indigenous people. So, whether your family came on the Queen Mary or other invading ship, or modernly, in a plane as I did, the fact remains that, "we are all illegal immigrants."

Truth Hunter said...

Anon, I'm sorry to hear that you "immigrated" here without the understanding that we are a nation of laws. Laws that uphold our freedoms and protect us. Laws are what makes us unique in the world and enable you, and me, to spout any nonsense we want, even against the policies of the government.

Perhaps you don't understand that because you aren't from a nation of laws.... if you were, why are you here. Can I go to your native country and "expect" citizenship? Or do they have laws about such things?

Illegal and legal do have meaning. Laws are the fabric, the very thread that binds us together as a great country of immigrants, otherwise our freedoms would unravel. Hopefully you come to appreciate this.

wbuhles said...

Once a good friend came back at me when I complained about illegal immigration with the frequently heard argument, "our country is populated by immigrants - we are a country of immigrants - it is our nature". At that time I didn't have a come back. Now I know the reason my friend was wrong. EVERY country at some time in its formation is populated by immigrants. But when it achieves an adequate population number to function optimally, then it must close its borders, otherwise it cannot become a distinct and separate entity with its own character and laws.

Truth, you are fortunate to live in Iowa. Here in California the war has already been lost, and this state is forever ruined, at least what I knew of it as a California native living a wester European way of life. And thank goodness for Europe - at least the western European way of life can be preserved somewhere.

But perhaps this is justice come full circle. Europeans stole this land from the Native Americans. In a way, the continent is going back to those same peoples, and it just may be that us Europeans will have to get used to having our way of life limited geographically to Europe.

Davis, CA

Truth Hunter said...

W Buhles, I appreciate your comments and viewpoint.

California is but a preview of our country as a whole if Bush and Congress have their way with immigration reform. I'm not ready to concede.

No progress is made in the world when peoples keep fighting old fights, i.e., who lived here centuries ago or first, as can be witnessed by the current mess in the Middle East. They can't and don't progress because they haven't developed into lands of laws, but instead are controlled by tribal feuds, old hatreds, religious wars, etc. I hope that isn't our future.

In the meantime, Europe and the Western European way of life is being challenged also. Spain and France have large, demanding and sometimes dangerous, Muslim populations. Populations that are in the process of changing the face of Europe at this moment.

Maybe you are right, and nothing stays the same. But, still, I'm going to fight to preserve our way of life if I can for our children and grandchildren. Just like our forefathers before us.

Kapil Lakhlani said...

By the very definition (and their illegal entry into USA), illegal immigrants have committed a crime. USA is a country of LEGAL immigration. By mixing illegal with LEGAL immigrants, USA looses it's status of a nation of laws. i.e. USA is no more a nation of laws. It is as simple as that.

Truth Hunter said...

Kapil Lakhlani, Hear! Hear! Thanks for stating it so well.