Thursday, June 08, 2006

Save Our Nation Too

President Bush and the White House are having a very good day.

Abu Musah al-Zarqawi, the evil face of al-Qaeda in Iraq, is dead.

This is the biggest poll-changing, war-justifying good news coming from Iraq since Saddam was captured in 2003.

This morning Bush made a Rose Garden statement, a "somber yet celebratory appearance for which he was joined by several of his top aides, including Vice President Dick Cheney, national security adviser Stephen Hadley and Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove."

On another positive note, the three appointments for the vacant Iraq ministries.... defense, national security and interior.... have been filled.

Does this news from Iraq ease somewhat the concern over the war and knock it from it's pinncale of voter worries? Will this put an even bigger focus in November on domestic concerns, like porous U.S. borders and the invasion illegal immigrants?

We can hope.

Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld and Bush like to say about Iraq.... we need to "get the job done."

The voters will be looking for this same determination from the White House in addressing their top-of-the-polls concern over preserving and securing the home front.

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