Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Satan Made Utah Do It

Have we been Rove-Bush snookered on immigration reform?

We have been made to believe that Tuesday's Utah Republican primary election win by U.S. Rep. Chris Cannon over political novice John Jacob was a test of the country's "consensus on immigration policy," .... the Bush-Senate illegal alien amnesty policy that is.

GOP political guru "Turd Blossom" Rove framed the election results that way, the Bush-Cannon approach to immigration, against Jacob's "millions of illegal immigrants" forced to return home campaign. The led, fed and regurgitating media told you so....over and over.... case closed.

The Bush administration dismantling of the country under the guise of "immigration reform" can move forward.

Not so fast.

Let's look at this supposedly immigration-issue-settling primary in Utah.

The five-term incumbent, Cannon, voted for a House bill last December that would "toughen border security, criminalize people who help illegal immigrants and made being in the U.S. without the required papers a felony." He also supports the Bush proposal for a guest-worker program.

This sounds like a moderate approach.... secure the borders first, then talk about the illegal alien problem.

His defeated political newcomer, John Jacob, who wants to send millions of illegal aliens home, suggested last week that "Satan has had a hand in difficulties faced by his campaign." Ooops. Maybe a little.... ahh.... out of touch.

This wasn't a test, not even close. Still, despite Jacob's scorched-earth illegal alien approach and "Satan" rant, he still garnered 25,589, or about 44 per cent of the vote against an entrenched opponent.

Don't let the GOP spinners win this one.

This Utah primary wasn't the immigration policy test, the test is in November.


Anonymous said...

I don't ordinarily read this blog, but just found it thru google. I believe that immigration is as American as apple pie, and that those who are NOT in favor of large scale massive immigration into the US are UNAmerican, and should be deported!

Truth Hunter said...

Looks like we agree except for the massive part. It's "illegal immigration" that U.S. citizens are against... what is UNAmerican are lawbreaking illegal aliens stealing into our country and demanding what legal U.S. citizens have built over the generations.

No one need be deported if our borders are secure.