Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Party's Over!

Evidently Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-CT) thinks Democrats should vote for him just because he is a Democrat, regardless of whether or not they agree with his GOP-leaning actions as Harold Meyerson points out today in the Washington Post.

Democrats have watched with surprise, and then with disgust, at his fawning over President Bush and his uncritical support for the Bush administration's conduct of the Iraq war.

What Lieberman may fail to grasp is that more than ever, the era of the straight-ticket party vote is OVER! For former yellow dog Democrats and traditional conservative GOP supporters alike.

The voting public's eyes have been opened. And they are dismayed.

Too often there is no difference between the parties, or traditional party values have been reversed or even abandoned, such as fiscal responsibility. Sadly, both parties have been bought and sold to special interests.

Never has that been more clear than with the shameful immigration reform bill that Bush is pushing to please illegal alien-hiring employers and to woe the Hispanic vote... and to keep some nefarious pledge to Mexican President Vicente "Your Land is My Land" Fox. Bush is supported by Senate GOP party soldiers and Democrats too eager to help the illegal alien at the expense of the country.

The lone holdouts are the majority GOP in the House... and it remains to be seen if this is just an election year stall or a true recognition by House lawmakers that they represent the people.... and that the people want the borders secured and lawbreaking employers held accountable before even considering amnesty.

The Democrats are launching a Web site with the goal of trying to help "Democrats resolve their policy differences and win more elections." But this may be missing the point.... instead remove the emphasis on Democrat and Republican labels, the "red state" and "blue state" designations. Candidates who represent the interests of corporations and illegal aliens over those of the voting U.S. citizen will lose in November. Regardless of party affiliation.

Lieberman, and all lawmakers running for election this November.... more than ever voters are looking at what you stand for and not at what party you represent.

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