Sunday, June 11, 2006

Money Talks

This Gringo Pesos speaks volumes.... it is what some Republicans suggest be sent to the party in response to Bush administration immigration policies.

The way things work..... the more money a party or campaign can raise, the more they can spend to influence the voters. Even though that vote may not be in the best interests of the propaganda-saturated voter.

Corporations are typically the king makers, giving lots of money to candidates who will give them legislative preference and clout .... usually the GOP political contenders. So.... it is a big deal when there is a "surge in small, individual contributions" fueling Democratic races this year and tightening the typical advantage of big- money corporations.

Not to be overlooked is the growing disenchantment of the GOP conservative base with the Bush administration's determined drift away from their core values.

While these conservatives aren't necessarily the biggest GOP contributors (although some are), they have been faithful contributors nonetheless. If they suspend their financial support of GOP candidates, it could level the funding playing field in the November elections.

Then, maybe the best candidate, and the electorate, will win.

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