Friday, June 23, 2006

Mexico's New Deal

On July 2 a very important election will be held that will impact the future of the United States... the national elections in Mexico.

While there are three front runners for the presidency, it is widely agreed that there are two candidates who will slug it out down to the wire.... Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who wants to model his presidency along the lines of our FDR's New Deal, and Felipe Calderon of Mexican President Vicente Fox's National Action Party.

While Calderon describes himself "the jobs president," he forgets to mention that the jobs he is referring to are in the United States. He wants to carry on the policies of "Your Land is My Land" Fox, so Calderon's election would be more of the same draining of the resources and economic stability of the United States.

Obrador, however, the candidate of the Democratic Revolutionary Party and former mayor of Mexico City, has a plan for "an ambitious program to create millions of jobs and stem migration by undertaking huge public works projects, including a railroad network, vast housing developments, ports and timber replanting."

Let me repeat...."stem migration."

While his detractors describe him as anti-business, Obrador recently clarified his position by explaining "we're not against business people as they say....we are against those who traffic in influence and are corrupt."

Hear! Hear!

It would seem that those wanting a healthy, self-sufficient Mexico would be supporting Obrador, and should he win, help him with his ambitious "Mexican New Deal."

Would Fox's buddy, el presidente Bush, seize such an opportunity as a means of solving our illegal alien problems, or would he be a roadblock as he continues to pursue his EU-style plans for North America.


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