Monday, June 05, 2006

Marriage Amendment Ploy

The country is facing dire issues.... mounting chaos in Iraq, increasing threats on both U.S. borders, soaring gas prices... so just what is happening on The Hill this week? The AP reports "Senate to Tackle Gay Marriage Ban." Say what?

Could this highly-charged political ploy be an attempt to attract our attention from the passage of other legislation this week?... like the "record-size emergency spending bill to continue U.S. military operations in Iraq" and hurricane relief.... an over $100 billion spending package.

Or the legislation rolling back the estate tax with a potential cost of $1 trillion (yes TRILLION) over the first ten of the affected years .

Does this make sound fiscal sense?.... spend more and take in less. Your government at work.

Back to the highly-publicized marriage amendment..... Bill "I Want To Be Your President" Frist, GOP Senate Majority Leader, one to never miss an opportunity to brown-nose the GOP conservative base, rushed to place this time-wasting amendment on the floor schedule.

While Bush in his Sunday radio address pushed for the amendment as a "defense of the stability of society," knowing full well that the amendment will never make it out of the Senate.

Note to Bush.... a Constitutional marriage amendment won't stabilize society, but OCEANS OF DEBT will destabilize our country for generations to come!

It is the monumental arrogance of Bush and his handlers that lead them to assume that the voting public won't see through this "red-meat to the base" marriage amendment maneuver.

This obvious pandering and reckless fiscal policy will cost them in November.

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