Wednesday, June 07, 2006

It's Illegal Immigration Stupid!

The election for the California Congressional seat vacated by GOP jailbird Duke Cunningham was up for grabs Tuesday. This was a good test of the mood of the electorate.

True, the district is traditionally Republican, but the staggeringly dishonest Cunningham handed the Democrats a powerful argument for change.

And they blew it.

They ran Francine Busby, who was loudly for amnesty for illegal immigrants, against Republican Brian Bilbray who ran against his own president's "comprehensive" immigration reform plan.

In her rush to lure voters, Busby told to a largely Latino audience just before the election that "You don't need papers for voting." She tried to smooth over the comment... but her fate was sealed. Bilbray won. Busby obviously wasn't ready for prime time.

Given the choice between the candidate of the party of a convicted crook, or one that promotes illegal immigrants was a no brainer for the voters. U.S. Citizens have had a bellyful of being ignored for the "rights" of those who have no standing in this country.

As James Carville might say if he were running the November "war room" strategy for the Dems....."It's illegal immigration stupid!"

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