Friday, June 30, 2006

Is Our Government The Threat?

The Supremes have dismissed the notion that President Bush alone can determine how to wage war and defend the county.

We still are a nation of laws, and after five years of crashing through the legal china shop, King George was reminded that he alone was not "The Decider." As the Washington Post sums it up, "A Governing Philosophy Rebuffed....Ruling Emphasizes Constitutional Boundaries."

The Court ruling rejecting Bush's military tribunals for terrorism suspects strikes at the core of a presidency and administration run amok. Anyone second-guessing Bush's tyrannical rule as he tore great chunks out of our traditional constitutional safeguards and values was labeled unpatriotic.

The great umbrella of terrorism gave "The Decider" the cover he needed, only his decisions were patriotic.

Yet this latest example of his abuse of power is but the tip of the iceberg. "The Decider" has put into motion the ultimate threat to our laws, constitution and country...a virtual demolishing of our borders, language and culture.

By signing, without consultation with the electorate or Congress, the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America agreement (SPP) with Mexico and Canada, he has formed a "trilateral partnership" to create a super-regional and economic entity, a North American Union. A big step toward a "One World Order."

Without asking us!

This explains "The Decider's" lack of concern over the enforcement of our borders and the illegal alien invasion.... instead he is negotiating for amnesty and citizenship for millions, mainly from Mexico. But the problem is much deeper than just "The Decider."

The 1965 Voting Rights Act legislation is up for renewal. It has a provision for bilingual ballots... which shouldn't be needed if everyone seeking citizenship speaks English as the law requires. However, a Senate effort to end this bilingual provision on Wednesday was defeated because 192 Democrats joined 61 Republicans to vote against it.

Our government needs a major housecleaning!

They are not heeding the alarm of the U.S. citizens who want to preserve our Union.... the one that so many fought and died for.... the one that was founded as a shining example of freedom and the rule of law.... the one that the ruling elite is trying to discard for their own political and economic advantage.

Don't talk to us about patriotism Bush and Congress.... you don't know the meaning of the word.

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Barbara Lampkin said...

You are so right.Thank You for writting this..No more words can be said..You have hit the nail on the head. God Bless and Keep You.
Your Are A very Good Person..