Monday, June 19, 2006

Is Bush Crackdown a Crock?

The Bush administration wants its illegal alien amnesty legislation plan approved.

The House and Senate are trying to put together a compromise bill now. A compromise because the Senate cobbled together a "give the illegal aliens everything" bill, and the House passed tough "secure the borders first" legislation.

After five years of total workplace enforcement neglect by the Bush administration, it is now "vowing to crack down on U.S. companies that hire illegal workers."


Just how long will this new upholding of our immigration laws last..... just long enough to get the new illegal alien-favoring legislation passed?

We'll now find out if members of the House are truly interested in securing our borders first and not rewarding lawbreaking illegal aliens..... or, if they are just looking for election year cover the Bush "crackdown" provides them.

As a refresher, here are some of the provisions of the S.2611 McCain-Kennedy-Bush illegal alien guest worker amnesty bill:
  • Grants amnesty to unknown of millions of illegal aliens living in the U.S. and more millions of family members living outside of the country.
  • Admits 1.5 million agricultural and hundreds of thousands of unskilled "guest workers" and gives them a direct path to legal permanent residence status and citizenship.
  • Requires consultation with the Mexican government before construction of fencing along the border.
  • Allows illegal aliens to claim Social Security benefits for work performed illegally with bogus Social Security numbers and/or stolen identity documents.

This bill breaks the bank, destroys our middle class while socially and linguistically dividing the country.

We are depending on the House to kill S.2611.

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