Friday, June 02, 2006

Good News, Bad News

The headline reads: "Six Powers Reach Accord On Iran Plan."

Good news it seems. We'll be reading lots of such headlines in the coming weeks before the November elections. The Bush administration handlers know the country is in no mood for an expanded war. Time to make nice.

Let's give Secretary of State Rice her due, whenever the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, China, France, Germany and the European Union agree on acceptable boundaries for Iran's nuclear ambitions, it is positive news. We await the details.

But you know....there's the good news, and then there's the bad news.

Yesterday President Bush announced his support of the proposed marriage amendment to the Constitution. Let's see.... what he likes are decent, hardworking people who love their families and contribute to the economy..... especially if they are illegal aliens.... gay U.S. citizens get none of his "compassion."

Of course, King George knows full well that this marriage amendment will never make it out of the Senate, but hey.... keep the religious right happy.

This political lollipop is designed to divert the Silent Majority's attention away from the deadly, and daily worse, situation in Iraq; and the nation-changing explosion of illegal aliens.

It'll take more than lollipops to sweeten the Bush blunders.

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