Tuesday, June 06, 2006

End of Days Starts In November

How ironic that radical right dogma-spewer, Ann Coulter, is purposely releasing her new book today.... the 6th day of the 6th month of the millennium's 6th year....bashing the "Godless" liberals.

Just a little too cute, and another good example of the current politics of division spawned by the Great Divider.... errr Decider.... in the White House. The whole theme of her book, which accuses liberalism of being a religion, is unfortunate. It just adds fuel to the politics of destruction that is the specialty of the GOP religious right.

A perfect example of this religious right philosophy is the current debate in the Senate over the proposed marriage amendment that the White House is trying to enshrine in the Constitution to appease the "Tinky Winky is Gay" Falwellites.

So, 6-6-06 doesn't scare the beleaguered U.S. citizens who, since the election of 2000, have been witnessing the pillaging their land by The Decider's three-headed Beast.... corporations, church and oil.

For this Beast and his White House Masters, the End of Days starts in November

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