Monday, June 12, 2006

Cloaking The Debate

To win, or influence, an argument, cloud the issue.

Evidently Tyler Cowen and Daniel Rothschild of the globalism-promoting Mercatus Center have learned this lesson very well. In their recent article in the Washington Post, they laud the superior contributions of immigrants, especially Latino immigrants. And make no distinction between legal and illegal.

Those of us outraged by the state of our porous borders, and the attempt by the Bush administration to give amnesty to millions of law-breaking illegal aliens, see a great distinction.

While we do agree, legal Latino immigrants make fine citizens, the millions of illegal aliens overrunning our country, changing our culture, and draining our resources are quite another matter.

Is the argument for "assimilating" the illegal alien that a people who cannot build their own nation, but want to hijack ours, will somehow make ours better?

What is called the "rhetoric" on "both sides" comes down to this. When it comes to legal immigration, there is no "both sides."

There most definitely is "both sides" when it comes to illegal "immigration." The closest the article comes to recognizing illegal aliens is by referring to "recent immigrants." They do admit that "recent immigrants have not been closing the wage gap as fast as earlier [legal] immigrants. "

Well, no kidding.

They try to explain this wage gap with Berkley-Michigan-Princeton-credentialed huffing and puffing.... but we all know the real reason. Employers are taking advantage of the status of illegal aliens to undercut wages, thereby placing the burden for the support and maintenance of the illegal aliens on the backs of U.S. citizen taxpayers.

This globalism-promoting "Blending In, Moving Up" propaganda doesn't begin to address the debate at all. It is just another attempt to paint illegal aliens with the same brush, and rights, as our welcome legal immigrants.

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