Thursday, June 01, 2006

Bush, McCain...Remember Your Citizens?

President Bush gets it, he just won't change his globalist, "Northcamerico," course to recognize the wishes of his forgotten electorate.

As the Washington Post sums it up...."President Bush pressed Congress on Thursday to pass a comprehensive immigration bill that provides a chance at citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants already in our country."

Bush's rationale.... the illegal immigrants are "decent people," "hardworking" and "love their families." Plus, they are "vital to our economy".... (excuse me while I have a good laugh over that one.) They are good for lawbreaking employers who take advantage of them.... but they also drive down wages, take jobs our citizens WOULD do, and overtax our social systems.

Well, Martha Stewart is a decent, hardworking person who loves her family. Isn't she good for our economy? Then why did the Feds send her to prison? So she lied under oath, shouldn't she have gotten amnesty. After all, illegal aliens lie all of the time, forge documents and steal citizen identities.

To follow the Bush logic, it should be Stewart's other qualities that count. Oh that's right, they don't count, because she's a LEGAL U.S. citizen!

Then there is John "Vote for Me" McCain (R-AZ) who says of the illegal aliens "denying illegal immigrants Social Security and other entitlements is akin to forcing them to 'ride in the back of the bus.' "

Oh, John, John, John.... the Rosa Parks comparison won't work. In fact, it will and should make us mad, a despicable attempt at playing the race card. Rosa was a legal, rights-deprived citizen. Have you no shame?

And John, giving illegal aliens forged and stolen-identity Social Security benefits and "other entitlements" is so against the best interests of the country, so obviously pandering, wrong and illogical, that it really needs no argument. And, by the way, it also dooms your hopes for the presidency.

Congress, let's put this comprehensive immigration bill out of its misery, and the illegal aliens out of luck. Maybe they'll leave and try to make something of their own country... be hardworking, decent, family-loving citizens there... or they can get in line and legally apply for citizenship here.

What a novel idea.

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