Saturday, June 03, 2006

Bush Blows His Bubble

So, is Bush, our "my way or the highway" president, getting all touchy, feely on the neocons.

It's astounding, revolutionary, breathtaking.... he actually solicited an opinion.... Iraq war critic, Gen. Barry R. McCaffrey was invited to the Oval office and allowed to speak his mind. After returning from Iraq, McCaffrey and five other specialists, briefed Bush for 90 minutes on Tuesday. McCaffrey said afterward, "The president seemed open to views." Imagine.

Bush has softened his stand on other issues too. Some say it is the influence of his new chief of staff, Joshua Bolten, or maybe Bush's press is finally getting to him. Newsweek's cover story on him as "Bush in the Bubble," sums him up as "the most isolated president in modern history."

Might not be the legacy he is shooting for.

Or maybe his new moderation is a Paul Revere "elections are coming" ride of desperation, engineered by the White House's savvy new press secretary, Tony Snow.

Here's hoping if Bush is going to start listening to opinions, he listens to the opinions of his U.S. citizens too. We're screaming "secure our borders and ports first"....

It would be a start.

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