Friday, June 16, 2006

Border High Noon for the GOP

Former California GOP governor, Pete Wilson, has stepped up to the bar and is calling out Bush and his immigration amnesty-supporting Senate robber barons. Wilson has hooked his thumbs into his belt, planted his feet, and accused the Bush administration of using "intimidation" to get their way.

Wilson, who championed Proposition 187 in California in 1994.... which denied health care and educational services to illegal immigrants and their children.... says he was right to champion the hard-line illegal immigration policy that many Republicans now endorse.

But not all. Some in the GOP blame Wilson for losing the Hispanic vote for them in California. First among his critics is Sen. Chuck "I Want To Be Your President" Hagel (R-NE), one of the sponsors of the current Senate lawbreaker-rewarding immigration reform bill.

Undeterred by this self-serving attack, Wilson is trying to rally the House Republicans to stick to their guns in their insistence that the Mexican border be closed before a guest worker program or anything resembling amnesty is considered in a compromise bill.

This is a showdown for the soul of the Republican party.

We hope there are many in Congress who are unafraid to make a stand with Wilson. Beleaguered U.S. citizens are pleading for someone to restore immigration law and order.

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