Thursday, May 25, 2006

Whose Land is Our Land?

Today the Bush-mandated immigration overhaul bill, championed by Sen. John "I Need Hispanic Support" McCain (R-AZ), will be voted on in the Senate.

Passage of this Senate amnesty legislation is expected.

Karl Rove was dispatched by the White House to the Hill to try to soften the House stance of "secure the borders first." Rove received a chilly reception... so there is still hope the House will stick to its guns when crafting the final "compromise" bill with the Senate, and put country.... not el presidente Bush, illegal aliens, and business interests.... first.

Still, the deck is stacked. When Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was asked recently if he would favor prohibiting bilingual ballots, he responded "Of course not."

Of course not???.... let's see, isn't it necessary to fully use the English language to obtain citizenship, and don't you have to have citizenship before you can vote? So.... wouldn't it follow that a bilingual ballot wouldn't be needed.

Not with the amended Voting Rights Act. The Act was amended in 1975 to "require bilingual ballots in jurisdictions with certain demographic characteristics."

This anti-English amendment to the Voting Rights Act is about to expire, and Steven King (R-IA) and 56 House Republicans have asked that it be allowed to expire. But Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-WI), Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, wants to extend it until 2032 to help facilitate "the participation of language minority citizens in the political process."

In Mexico you won't find bilingual compromises.... all national business is in Spanish only. Which makes Mexico President Vicente "Your Land is My Land" Fox's barging into our national "immigration" debate this week a little ironic. He told the Utah legislature yesterday that "Mexico is proud, very proud, of its people here, whose working spirit and moral values contribute every day to the economy and society of this great nation."

So why didn't their working spirit and moral values contribute to a vibrant Mexico, we ask.

Because, what Mexicans really want is our already vibrant country. As Fox told an enamored audience of "immigrants" in Utah, "Even though you are far from Mexico, you are an integral part of Mexico."

So much for the "melting pot."

Tell your legislators you want our language, borders and culture protected!

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