Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Time for the High Road

It should come as no surprise to a misled, war weary, economically and culturally overwhelmed nation that the "public confidence in GOP governance" is in the dumper. If it weren't for a GOP-dominated Congress impeding the possibility of hearings, it would already have been confirmed that the worst in our nature has been governing us.

Undoubtedly Congressional hearings would by now have shown how intelligence was manipulated to plunge us into a costly, no-win, tribal-factioned war in a powder-keg region of ancient tribal feuds and religious fanaticism..... D.C..... I mean Iraq. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

How George used 9/11 scare tactics to violate our rights of privacy under the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution. How George encouraged and abetted the invasion of our country by Mexican aliens.

So, having a tawdry affair... which had no effect on the country whatsoever except for the single-minded savage hunt by the GOP for President Clinton's head... pales by comparison. As the bumper sticker says "When Clinton Lied, No One Died." And, I might add, "Our Hands Weren't Tied.... By Mexico."

And herein lies the danger for the Democratic party. George and the GOP are on the ropes, put there by their own power-corrupted, ill-conceived national agenda. It is tempting for the Dems to go for "pay back."


If there ever was a time to take the high road, it is now....and most emphatically after November if the GOP loses some Congressional power. The country, while yearning for results-oriented leadership, will quickly turn on a party that offers more of the same non-productive "inside" political games.

The Dems will have just two years to show the nation that they are the level-headed, fiscally- responsible party that listens to the will of the electorate. George is too popular personally to just use him as a pinata, the country wouldn't like it and would say so in 2008.

While the Democrats have the approval edge in the public opinion polls right now in gas prices, health care, education, the budget, the economy, protecting privacy, handling Iraq, immigration and taxes.....that could all evaporate if petty vindictiveness overrides the nation's expectations for change.

This may be the Dems last chance to show they not only can do better, but that they can be better.... and, they better get it right.

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musafir said...

Six months ago I wouldn't have believed that Bush would be where he is today. He seemed to be invincible and the Republicans bullied their way through Congress. It is a different picture today. But I have concern about the Democrats' ability to make substantial gains. We need a strong, cohesive voice to pull them together and offer clear alternatives to the American public. A lot can happen between now and November.