Wednesday, May 10, 2006

May 17 Another Labor Day

Here we go again.

The newly formed "We Are America Alliance" is organizing an immigrant voting registration drive and their leaders will deliver postcards to D.C. requesting a "path to citizenship" on May 17, which they have dubbed "National Labor Day." Gee, I thought that was in September. This Alliance has more holidays than the French.

Ignoring the fact that sixty per cent of those who participated in the pro-immigrant demonstrations are ineligible to vote because they are not citizens illegal.... this labor-Latino-Catholic church activists group wants to deliver the postcards to the Congressional leaders debating new immigration legislation.

Wonder if that will influence our Congress....they don't seem to read the requests of the majority of their electorate who just want the laws enforced, the borders secured and their country back.

Although the House has already passed its immigration legislation, the Senate is tiptoeing toward a bill by September. This summer "immigration action justice centers," such as " tax exempt" churches across the country, will be signing up voters and promoting a lenient guest-worker program designed to fast-track illegal immigrants to U.S. citizenship. Thus living up to their chant... "Ahora marachamos, manana votamos" ....Today we march, tomorrow we vote.

It is hard to ignore the impact the Hispanics have had on the country as the nation's largest and fastest-growing minority group. Or the fact that nearly half of the nation's children under 5 are racial or ethnic minorities, and 70 per cent of those children are Hispanic.

While not discounting the positive contributions made by law-abiding legal immigrants, it is also impossible to ignore the strain illegal immigrants have placed on our hospitals providing free care, on schools providing free education and even our penal system, where reportedly 29 per cent are illegal immigrants.

It is up to our government to sort all of this out.

El presidente Bush has already made plain his stance, business interests want a cheap labor force, what business wants, business gets from him. Remember his governing philosophical triumvirate.....oil, business, church.

Our lobbyist-influenced legislators are ill-equipped for Solomon-like bill crafting, but they are all we have. Let them know where you stand.... send them a postcard...or an email or call their offices.

Let them know... "Today we want our borders secured, in November we vote."


Anonymous said...


As a legal immigrant and law abiding citizen, I find the notion that all citizens of Latin American extraction, who legally came and live in this country would agree to legalize undocumented workers, idiotic
For the most part we find this idea not only insulting but plain stupid. We have no idea whether these people are going to make good citizens or not but, the fact that they broke the law willingly and feel they have "rights", despite that fact, does not exactly indicate they respect our laws at all.
No one coming into my home by force can expect a welcome, nor would the law give them any rights...if any it gives me the right to shoot any intruder. Are our elected officials guilty of treason by aiding and abetting a full fledge invasion, flags and all?

Anonymous said...

You have my vote, we need more people with commion sence, I think
we need both partys out and put someone in there that can do the job right..There is no more USA, kiss it goodbye. Now its Mexico..

TB said...

I am outraged and sadden that our
government is literally giving our
country away to the Spanish.
We are losing our language and our
Our borders can be secured. Franklin D. Roosevelt secured our
borders during World War II.
If our government had the will it
would be done.
Stop this Insanity. Our elected
officials are supposed to protect
the American people and our way of
life, and they are failing miserably.
So many of the Spanish do not want
to be Americans. They do not want to speak English and yet they want
all the rights of an American citizen. American citizens are losing jobs and not getting jobs
because they do not speak Spanish.
This is categorically wrong. The
Spanish open their business's in
Spanish. Our own Amnerican corporations cater to them in Spanish. This is wrong wrong wrong!
We have a national language and there is no such thing as two national languages. One is going to lose.
We had protests where I live and they were holding other flags besides the American Flag and held
up signs in Spanish and yelling in Spanish "We are America", if that
does'nt tell the American people we are in a fight for our culture and our country I don't know what will.
There should be an amendment to the constitution stating that our national language is English only,
all governmnet business is done in
English and all business's are opened in English only. The media
should not be allowed to cater to
the Spanish in their language. They should be speaking English if
they want to stay in our country.
Otherwise they need to leave.
It is an insult to all other law
abiding immigrants who have come to our country and have learned our language and assimlated into our way of life and who want to be
American and proud of it.
For all the Spanish who do not feel
that way go back to your country and make it better so you will want
to live there.