Monday, May 01, 2006

May 1, 2006.....U.S. Held Hostage

Citizens of the U.S., which include flag-loving immigrants, find themselves yoked to an administration that seems to be totally unable to foresee the cost and the consequences of their actions, taken for political expediency.

We have already been railroaded by the White House into unleashing the dogs of war in Iraq. With no end in sight, it is snuffing brave lives and draining our treasure into a sink hole of ancient religious tribal hate and corruption.

So what will the cost be when President Bush and Congress uncouple the illegal immigrant train from the rule of law.... also for political expediency.... draining us of yet more treasure and our national identity. Can you doubt this outcome when you hear the Star-Spangled Banner sung in Spanish? When you hear Mexican activists proclaim they are taking back their rightful land, our border states.

These millions of demanding illegal aliens broke into our country and are now holding us for ransom with boycotts and work stoppages designed to give a blow to our economy.

Will our nation go forward blindfolded.....held hostage.... or will these anti-U.S. actions galvanize our nation's patriotism and resolve to uphold our laws and protect its citizens.


Anonymous said...

I do know what century you are thinking about when you "remember" better times in the past. But you must be dreaming. Another illegal war, the Spanish-American War, expanded US global power in 1898. Another intelligency fiasco? More troops sent to kill citizens of the world? Regardless of the constitution, which applies with US borders and regardless of presidential authority or congressional authority limits, the US embarked then, and has not stopped, at global "influence." I invite you to locate all the US military installations worldwide. Except for Hawaii, all the lands acquired in 1898 either by the guns or by money (like the US Virgin Islands) lack the right to vote on national elections. Do not be dismayed by the cries of those who seek justice and change at home or abroad. The Native American, African Americans have worked hard for justice. Women worked really hard to acquire the right to vote. Even veterans had to march in DC seeking justice. This is just another step in our history that must be dealt with. A history full of presidential abuses mostly abroad and away from critical citizens eyes. As horrible as 9/11 was (I lost coworkers that day), it did not happened in a vacuum. If you check our involvement in Iran you might comprehend better their attitude for at one time we almost ran that country. But this illusion you present of a perfect America, somewhere in the past, did not exist, ever. Please join in to make this country better.

Truth Hunter said...

The better times I remember are not that long ago. Just as I remember when legal immigrants to our country were grateful for the opportunity to assimilate into our great nation and appreciated the fantastic freedoms and opportunities we offer.

Looks like you have a real "border" issue with our country, and think therefore we deserve to be illegally invaded by more enlightened peoples from south of the border.. people who have no right to protest in their own country. Is this your model?

No, we're not perfect...far from it...but all of your finger pointing and excuses don't make the actions of the illegal border crashers legal, or their demands and boycotts the same as the freedome and rights fought for and acquired by our legal citizens...Native American, African American and women.

Don't know who you want me to join to make this a "better country" but perhaps the reason you can't remember better times is because you weren't here, and I was.

As to your view that as bad as 9/11 was, we deserved it....I can't even dignify that with a reply.