Friday, May 12, 2006

How U.S. Citizens Were Cooked

A Cautionary Tale.

Panicky U.S. Citizens basked in the nice warm water of reassurance. Their government would protect them.... no more horrible attacks like September 11, 2001.

It was a scary world outside of the pot. The government told us so, over and over and over. Orange alert, red alert...alert, alert!

Turn up the heat....arrest and hold suspected terrorists indefinitely. Deny them advice of counsel. Torture if you must. Reward the man who wrote the torture memo guidelines for the Bush White House, Alberto Gonzales, by appointing him Attorney General of the U.S.

Make warrantless wiretaps on calls in the U.S ...for our own good .... the Bush White House says they are only tapping calls made to foreign terrorist suspects. Better try to investigate further anyway. Citizens starting to feel uncomfortable.

But... the Justice Department aborts inquiry into its own lawyers' role in the warrantless wiretaps because investigators could not obtain a security clearance from the Bush administration!

Kindle more fire with the Constitution's Fourth Amendment that guarantees protection against unreasonable search and seizure, the right to privacy...up in smoke... Citizens pot starts to simmer.

Then Citizens discover that the government is secretly collecting the domestic telephone records of millions of U.S. households and businesses for a gargantuan database, for whatever reason.... at will. "There,'s for your own good Citizens," the Bush administration reassures us.

Citizens feel drowsy with the heat, safe and satisfied..... even though undocumented aliens are invading their porous borders and uninspected materials are pouring through their ports into the country.

President Bush asks Citizens to accept his nomination of the man who installed the wiretap program, Air Force General Michael Hayden, to head the CIA. Congress is rousing, they aren't so sure about all of this.... can Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA) save the day?

A short while later, a knock at Citizens door ..... "Why have you been talking on the telephone to a Minuteman who is acting illegally by hampering the entry of our Mexican border-busters?" the Bush government asks.

"What?"....Citizens say..."The Minuteman is just a friend. ....wait a moment, the water is boiling.... someone get me out of here."

Too late.

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George Myers said...

They are also hiring "anthropologists" over at the US Census Bureau (I have an ax to grind I got a 97 on their test and was never called in the last 2000 census) to collect data at hospitals' databases, which I'm told, on one hand, patient's records are not accessible to insurance companies, etc. I can't understand how we could allow this without any government oversite or judicial purview, another surprise from the "duopoly" that's kissed Geronimo's skull in the Yale University "Temple". Some set theory Yale.